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Do you have the expertise needed to manage your IT infrastructure through its lifecycle? Can you execute the resources to enhance your systems and improve security? Engaging professional services for the installation, configuration, management, and ongoing maintenance of your technology products allows your organization to focus on doing what it does best and let us deal with IT Infrastructure Management.

Led by the most highly-trained, cleared, and certified engineers in the industry, August Schell Consultation Services are offered to help your resources successfully deploy even the most complex technologies, ultimately bringing value to your business through IT.

Partnering with our engineering team means that your enterprise can trust in the proper planning, design, and implementation that your project requires, whether your needs are short-term or for the long-haul.


Your IT systems should be in total alignment with organizational goals. Consultation services support customer-centric, sustainable technology implementations from beginning to end.


  • Gain valuable tech insights
  • Learn how to get more out of your IT assets
  • Transition from maintaining to operating
  • Trust in a technology strategy that can be sustained


  • Partner to vendors
  • Provides cleared technical resources
  • Unparalleled technical expertise
  • Industry and government compliance support

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