Are you having an issue on-boarding data with Splunk? Does your Splunk seem to underperform? Are you having trouble scaling? August Schell can walk you through these issues to help optimize your Splunk Environment.

What is reviewed during the Splunk Optimization Assessment?

Data On-Boarding

  • Forwarded/Indexed using Splunk best practices
  • Using forwarder management to configure Splunk Universal Forwarders
  • Trouble with RegEx
  • Data coming incorrectly
  • Indexes, Host, Source, Source type, Timestamp


  • Where is data being stored? Move cold buckets to a separate drive?
  • Optimize retention policies, max-size to customers needs

Field Extractions

  • Check all useful fields extracted for searching and visualizations


  • Look into license usage, help with modification request
  • Future forecasting
  • Premium Apps

Access Controls

  • User and Roles have correct permissions

Relevant Free Apps

  • Free apps that can benefit your environment

Dashboards & Alerts

  • Look through search queries and optimize where possible

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