August Schell and VMware

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What vSphere did for servers, Nicira did for the network. After VMware saw the potential in network virtualization, they quickly acquired Nicira and rolled out VMware NSX. These days, VMware customers are quickly adopting a higher degree of virtualization after the realization that their organizations could do more with less by removing the physical constraints of legacy infrastructures.

VMware provides a suite of solutions to address many mission-critical pain points. From server virtualization with management and reporting, to disaster recovery, to end-user-computing, CIOs are able to optimize their environments. By consolidating datacenters, operational expenses decrease. By streamlining their systems and monitoring workloads through reporting and management tools, both uptime and efficiency increase.

Agencies in all branches of the government have leveraged the power of VMware and are continuing to incorporate the new, cutting-edge solutions VMware provides into their current deployments.

Gone are the days of being tied down to one location. Gone are the days of investing millions of dollars into technology that will eventually become obsolete. Gone are the days of the dumping millions of dollars into deploying a network that would eventually be taken down.

Explore VMware’s full portfolio and learn how August Schell relies on software-defined technology to optimize customer infrastructures while keeping security as the top priority.


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Ron Flax, August Schell CTO, and his team of engineers have developed a symbiotic relationship with VMware over the past decade. As the first engineering teams to become experts in network virtualization, customers know they can turn to us for advice, consultation, and support.

Many of our engineers have helped a number of government agencies through extended service engagements to assess, consult, design, deploy, and maintain a number of virtual environments. They have the training, knowledge, and certifications to lead you along the path of a truly software-defined data center.

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