Designing, deploying, and implementing highly secure solutions for on-premise and cloud based computing environments

Today’s CIOs face so many IT challenges from using data to their advantage, to balancing security with accessibility, to merging new and old technology, and to finding the right team to execute IT strategies. Our team of engineers are here to help. We keep security and compliance at the forefront of every mission while also implementing sophisticated technology that will help your organization optimize existing resources. With an understanding that many CIOs and their teams are tasked to do more with less, we have an appreciation for legacy infrastructure and avoid the “rip-and-replace” mentality. 


Federal Compliance Requirements Service

Have you been tasked with new compliance requirements? Are you struggling to meet NIST/PCI/FDA rules? August Schell is here to help. Our team of certified engineers can walk you through the steps so your organization meets compliance demands by the set deadline.

CMMC Services

CMMC Compliance ensures robust cybersecurity practices, safeguarding sensitive data against evolving threats. Gain a competitive edge, build trust, and meet DoD requirements seamlessly with our comprehensive CMMC offerings. Elevate your security posture and foster a lasting partnership with our continued support, extending beyond certification to ensure enduring cybersecurity excellence.

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Compliance Service

Are you struggling to meet Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance regulations? Need to make improvements to enhance your compliance? Finding it hard to document compliance in a readily usable way?

Network Security Assessment

Do you know where your network packets are flowing? Many organizations today think they have a pretty good sense of how their network is configured and where traffic is allowed or disallowed. However, after our Network Security Assessment you’ll likely find out some things you weren’t aware of.

Splunk Optimization Assessment

Are you having an issue on-boarding data with Splunk? Does your Splunk seem to underperform? Are you having trouble scaling? August Schell can walk you through these issues during the Splunk Optimization Assessment.

Splunk Phone Log App

Get the most out of your phone logs with a little help from Splunk and our in-house expert app developer. We created an app to help organizations like yours gain more insights into their phone usage – including cost per employee, geolocation of incoming and outgoing calls, and how you can save money per billing cycle.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment

During the Hybrid Cloud Assessment, August Schell can assist you with your cloud migration tasks and position you to take advantage of potential cost savings, deliver better IT agility and enable your organization’s digital transformation.

vSphere Optimization Assessment

During the vSphere Optimization Assessment you will discover the benefits of intelligent IT operations and get a comprehensive analysis of the optimization opportunities in your virtualized environments with a configuration audit report, a performance improvement report, and a capacity optimization report.

vSphere Upgrade Service

With the vSphere Upgrade Service, August Schell will help you bring your VMware environment forward to the latest, most secure and effective release of the software and help prepare you for higher performance and hybrid cloud.

Cribl Deployment and Implementation

With August Schell’s Activation Service offerings, our team of certified consultants will deploy Cribl and ensure complete functionality with your SIEM. As our engineers are certified in multiple toolsets (i.e., Cribl + Splunk), we have the expertise to work with your team to develop the necessary skills to maximize your usage of Cribl and will work with you to deploy Cribl amongst the variety of products that already exist in your environment.

Use Case Planning

Workshop to cover requirements and expected goals of each Use Case being deployed.


Deploy Cribl Products on customer-provided infrastructure, or for Cribl. Cloud customers, include installation of on-premises or customer cloud worker groups.

Health Check

Health check to confirm optimized system and ready for full production use.

Cribl Use Cases

  • Data Onboarding
  • Data Archiving
  • Data Reduction
  • Logs to Metrics
  • Edge Deployment
  • Data Enrichment
  • Format Conversion
  • Data Routing

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