Our Customers

August Schell, a premier IT solutions and services provider, is proud to offer effective and cost-conscious IT solutions across both civilian and defense federal government agencies.


We design dynamic, intuitive risk models as a function of the vulnerabilities present in the environment, wherein each vulnerability is comprehensively assessed along a series of four axes — exploit severity, endpoint criticality, ease of exploitation, and ease of remediation. Our solutions are developed from the ground-up with methodological justification, robust documentation, and statistical rigor. The final implementation maintains a historical cache of previous analyses and scores, and was deeply integrated into a feature-rich dashboard that provides the NIH team with real-time foresight into the relative ROI from remediating the top 10 vulnerabilities ranked by each vulnerability’s cumulative risk footprint.


We help civilian agencies build and implement custom IT solutions that are innovative, efficient, and scalable to meet mission critical needs and security mandates, but also the citizen experience. We ensure that customers will get the right products that work together seamlessly to help achieve agency goals.


We employ cutting edge technologies and proven cyber tools and development platforms to deliver secure, effective solutions rapidly and efficiently. As a solutions-agnostic VAR and a customer-centric systems integrator, we bring our expertise and product knowledge to implement and integrate solutions quickly and successfully into DoD agency operations.