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Deliver A Complete, Software-Defined Data Center

The software-defined method is eclipsing the traditional, manual approach to data centers. It is now possible to virtualize and manage compute, storage, networks, and even backups within the data center through API calls. The result? Hardware agnostic, touchless, optimized operations. The state-of-the-art Data Center Solutions are commanded by software, resulting in faster time to delivery and the ability to deliver IT at the speed of business.

Acquiring software and hardware and getting it racked, stacked, connected, and configured, is a time consuming effort which requires a considerable amount of resources to carry out. Without a software-defined strategy, organizations commonly purchase resources in anticipation of future needs and put forth considerable capital. The software-defined approach empowers enterprises and government agencies to eliminate manual processes and use automation to provide direct access to the data center consumer. New workloads requiring compute, storage, and networks can be built, configured, and deployed on demand, making sluggish time to market a thing of the past.

August Schell specializes in partnering with enterprises and government organizations to design and build powerful software-defined data center solutions to solve business challenges outside the traditional scope of IT.


The team at August Schell is comprised of automation experts who have been working in the software-defined space since its beginning. August Schell was an early adopter of the software-defined methodology, and became deeply involved with Nicira Networks as a virtual network solution provider in the public sector before their technology was ultimately purchased by VMware, currently used as the foundation for NSX. By building solutions that incorporate emerging technology, our SD engineering teams work with enterprises and federal agencies to develop software-defined data center solutions that provide efficiency and cost savings.

  • Design the right configuration for business needs
  • Build out the optimal software-defined data center
  • Deliver rapid time to delivery and operational efficiency

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