eBook: 5 Best Practices for Enterprise Monitoring and Management

Enterprise monitoring and management can be a tricky subject because it’s often a solution that goes unimplemented until some sort of business crisis occurs as a result of technology failure. Read the eBook to learn more about: Smarter Monitoring, Enhanced analytics capabilities, Faster identification of anomalies, Optimized IT operations, and more!

eBook: Cloud Native: Achieving Faster Development and Facilitating Teamwork Between Developers and IT

Learn how and why the cloud-native methodology is about building and deploying applications for the cloud model, freeing developers and maximizing efficiency. Read to learn answers to the questions what is Cloud Native? What are the key aspects to the Cloud Native process and development flow? How Cloud Native accelerates delivery and gives developers freedom?

eBook: Top 3 Unique Splunk Integrations

August Schell regularly works with federal agencies and enterprises to integrate a wide range of products with Splunk that enhance and optimize security analytics programs. Learn how Insight Engines, Recorded Future, and Splunk Enterprise Security can greatly benefit your security posture.

eBook: Begin Modernizing Your Data Center with Hyper-converged Infrastructure Powered by vSAN

Find out how in the eBook Meet the Demands of the Digital Era with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. How are modern businesses using hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)? IT organizations are leveraging HCI to attain new levels of cost savings, simplicity, and agility. Read the eBook to find out how companies around the world are transforming their data centers, and discover the benefits they’re seeing as a result.

eBook: Splunk & Gigamon: Better Together

Splunk and Gigamon are both immensely powerful platforms for enhancing security—but what happens when they’re brought together? You’ll learn about filtering and isolating specific network traffic feeds to feed directly into Splunk software, extracting metadata from network traffic feeds, offloading TLS SSL decryption and enhance monitoring speeds, and pointing GigaSECURE to a single aggregation point.

eBook: Open Source Security 101

It is well-known that attacks on government systems are multiplying and concurrently becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis. Imagine being tasked with having to fix all of the broken links in security. How would you do it? There are so many things that security professionals would have to change and resolve, and the clock is always running. Here’s where Open Source Security comes in: Open source security is entirely community-driven. Source code is freely available to users. It can be easily modified or redistributed.

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