Big Data

Analyze Data, Generate Actionable Insights

Big data brings unlimited opportunities to enterprises and federal organizations. Combined with analytics capabilities, Big Data Solutions can generate valuable business intelligence, identify trends, and uncover security vulnerabilities. Today’s technology environment is dominated by data, with increasing amounts created each day.  Businesses and government agencies must leverage this information to gain awareness, insight, and command of operations through its power.

While big data brings great potential, it takes a powerful solution set to reveal its insights and give rise to action. When it comes to collecting massive sets of data, in order to extract value, businesses must be able to analyze and visualize trends and anomalies. Not to mention, collecting machine data to monitor security, uptime, and troubleshooting problems requires a centralized dashboard in order to demonstrate value to key decision makers. Enterprises and federal agencies alike have much to gain from drawing on big data, but success depends on strong tools and solutions with the ability to process and organize large amounts of information, both structured and unstructured.

August Schell specializes in partnering with enterprises and government organizations to design and build powerful big data solutions that achieve equally powerful security and business insights.


The team at August Schell is comprised of technology experts who have been working in the big data space since its beginning. Armed with the combination of deep experience and expertise across a multitude of products, we champion the best solution for the problem and the environment.

  • Identify big data goals
  • Design custom analytics solution
  • Gain business value and return on investment

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