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Cyber security within the federal landscape is critical to protecting valuable data and organizational operations. The security realm is pervaded by a slew of dangerous threats, from brute force and social engineering to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and without the right Cyber Security Solutions, environments are seriously fragile. A solid security posture is built by combining the right tools, techniques, and expertise to shore up areas of vulnerability, and both federal and enterprise organizations must give security adequate consideration to avoid irreparable damages.

Architecting the right solution to secure enterprise, cloud and big data environments is a lofty endeavor, but necessary to prevent breaches in a swiftly evolving compute landscape. In the event of a potential security threat, rapid response is imperative to minimizing damages. In terms of ongoing security practices, taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach, puts your organization in an improved position of defense, reducing the potential for breaches and related damages.

August Schell specializes in partnering with enterprises and government organizations to comprehensively assess organizational security posture and build cyber security solutions that fit unique needs



  • Enable Zero-Trust Networking
  • Secure network traffic within the data center
  • Enhance virtual network security posture


  • Enable search across a range of sources
  • Reduce costs for monitoring large environments
  • Enable monitoring of secured transports
  • Deliver endpoint management and security


  • Achieve systems visibility
  • Identify anomalies among endpoints
  • Deliver security protections
  • Design and implement large scale Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions
  • Support secure mobility solutions


The team at August Schell is comprised of security experts who have been working in the federal space since the company’s beginning. With extensive expertise in products and services across many security vendors, our goal is to select and engineer the ideal solution for addressing vulnerabilities and preventing breaches today and in the future.

  • Identify areas of vulnerability
  • Select the optimal tools for security needs
  • Implement a comprehensive solution and enhance security posture

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