August Schell can help you bring your VMware environment forward to the latest, most secure and effective release of the software and help prepare you for higher performance and hybrid cloud. Smart IT leaders are moving their organization – and their careers – forward by migrating to the latest version of vSphere. The latest version of vSphere is the foundation for digital transformation and for securely and efficiently operating your virtualization environments.

Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade

1. Reduce IT Operational Complexity with vCenter Server Appliance

The re-imagined VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) provides up to 2-3x greater performance and scale, native vCenter High Availability, file-based backup and recovery, and integrated vSphere host management and patching through the included update manager.

2. Mitigate Risk with VM-level Encryption

Policy-driven vSphere encryption safeguards data – both at rest and in motion – at scale across the enterprise data center.

3. Drive IT Automation and Business Agility with APIs

Simple, REST-based APIs makes it easy to automate operations for a more agile, modern data center.

4. Secure the Data Center Infrastructure with Secure Boot

Protect both the hypervisor and the guest operating system from tampering by validating code with a digital signature, ensuring that only trusted OS software will run.

5. Gain Forensic Insights with Audit-Quality Logging

Gather insights about user actions so that IT teams can better understand who did what, when and where in the event of a security threat or breach.

6. Maximize Data Center Resources with Predictive Load Balancing

Predictive Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) leverages system usage patterns and analytics to help maximize IT resources and minimize CapEx.

7. Modernize the Data Center with vSphere Integrated Containers

Run enterprise containers side by side with virtual machines in an existing vSphere environment with no tooling or process changes.

8. Prevent Downtime with Proactive High Availability

Proactive HA anticipates hardware failures before they occur and preemptively migrates workloads before problems happen.

9. Streamline Management with a Modern HTML5-Based User Interface

Administer and manage the virtual data center with the responsive, easy-to-use new HTML5-based vSphere client interface.

10. Improve IT Compliance with Host Profile Management

Streamlined and scalable host profile management enables better compliance with the policies and procedures put in place by IT.

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