Our Customers

August Schell, a premier IT solutions and services provider, is proud to offer effective and cost-conscious IT solutions across both civilian and defense federal government agencies.


August Schell provides critical cybersecurity and data management solutions for various healthcare organizations and government agencies in the medical field. Our work focuses on protecting sensitive patient data, optimizing network security, and enhancing operational intelligence for healthcare providers. By leveraging our expertise, organizations can ensure the safety of their data, improve their operational efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements.


August Schell has demonstrated our proficiency in implementing and optimizing tools like Splunk Enterprise Security, enabling large healthcare conglomerates to manage complex network environments confidently. Our tailored solutions address challenges such as diverse user access, specialized medical hardware, and distinguishing between legitimate and potentially malicious network activity, showcasing our deep understanding of the sector’s unique needs.


At August Schell, we are committed to providing comprehensive services for the medical industry. This includes threat intelligence platforms, logging support, professional services for data management tools, and scalable PKI solutions for enterprises and IoT in healthcare settings. Our approach is not just about defense but also proactive defense against cyber attacks, ensuring the protection of critical digital assets and sensitive medical data. We also assist healthcare organizations in maintaining compliance with security mandates, providing peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital landscape.


We help civilian agencies build and implement custom IT solutions that are innovative, efficient, and scalable to meet mission critical needs and security mandates, but also the citizen experience. We ensure that customers will get the right products that work together seamlessly to help achieve agency goals.


We employ cutting edge technologies and proven cyber tools and development platforms to deliver secure, effective solutions rapidly and efficiently. As a solutions-agnostic VAR and a customer-centric systems integrator, we bring our expertise and product knowledge to implement and integrate solutions quickly and successfully into DoD agency operations.