Cyber Security?
From Massive-Scale Identity Management, to Insider Threat Detection, to Zero-Trust Network Security, August Schell delivers Cyber Security solutions.
Challenged with
Intelligent Solutions for Complex Challenges
August Schell invests in emerging technology and in training skilled individuals to apply that technology to achieve customer goals, primarily for organizations involved in defense and national security.
Emerging Software Technologies
to our customers!
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Value Added Reseller

We are a value added reseller providing cutting edge technology and service solutions.

Small Business - Big Bang

We are a small business committed to delivering personalized customer service.

Our Reputation

We have earned a trusted reputation as professional service experts during our 20+ years in the industry.

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Our employees are always around to help, contact us any time!

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Using proven technology, August Schell provides customized solutions to solve complex client challenges. Our unique depth and breadth of experience with large-scale enterprise solutions allows us to keep clients ahead of the technology curve by building stable, extensible solutions that can scale to meet increasing demands.