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From on-premise enterprise data centers to multi-cloud environments, we have the Cybersecurity Solutions to secure, the Big Data solutions to analyze, and the Machine Learning solutions to act upon…your data.

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We are dedicated to delivering agile and innovative cyber security solutions to proactively defend and protect organization’s data against cyber attacks. Through our proven expertise with cybersecurity services and solutions, we are masters at designing, deploying and implementing highly secure solutions for on-premise and cloud based computing environments.

We offer a wide range of next-generation products and services for:

We understand how critically important it is to defend critical digital assets and sensitive data from the constant threat of cyber attacks. We do not take this responsibility lightly and it’s with integrity that August Schell has defined our approach to our customers.

AppDefense by VMware: Finding the Good vs. Chasing the Bad

Last week at VMware’s VMworld Conference, Pat Gelsinger VMware’s CEO, introduced a new security offering called AppDefense. The security software segment is already very confusing with hundreds of product offerings from a wide range of vendors providing various firewalls, SIEMs, IDS/IPS, endpoint protection, HBSS, and on and on.

I’ve Got Data, Now What Do I Do with It? 5 Ways to Use Splunk for Security

Your run-of-the-mill security ecosystem just isn’t going to cut it in the domain of modern cyberattacks. These days, we’re all facing significantly more sophisticated attack methods and a slew of potential threats from numerous sources. Reacting to security events is no longer an option.

Tame the Excitement of Containers: Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Containers have brought a lot of excitement to IT—they bring both constituents working in IT departments, developers and operations, value by establishing predictability between building and running applications.

Case Study: U.S. Government Agency Eliminates Environmental Sprawl and Builds a Central Platform for Delivering IT

VMware Horizon + vRealize Automation

Watch: August Schell + Your DevOps Use Cases

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