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We are dedicated to delivering agile and innovative cyber security solutions to proactively defend and protect organization’s data against cyber attacks. Through our proven expertise with cybersecurity services and solutions, we are masters at designing, deploying and implementing highly secure solutions for on-premise and cloud based computing environments.

We offer a wide range of next-generation products and services for:

We understand how critically important it is to defend critical digital assets and sensitive data from the constant threat of cyber attacks. We do not take this responsibility lightly and it’s with integrity that August Schell has defined our approach to our customers.

Case Study: Defense Agency Gains Push-Button Process for Repetitive Splunk Tasks, Maximizes IT Effectiveness

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Cyber Hygiene Versus Cyber Resiliency

Across all industries, concerns of bad actors, advanced persistent threats and cyber warfare have brought us to an interesting place in cybersecurity, combining proactivity and a kind of “planned reactivity,” if you will.

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Phantom as a Case Management System

Phantom is a platform that integrates your existing security technologies, and it’s now officially a part of Splunk. It allows you to automate tasks, orchestrate workflows, and support many SOC functions, like event and case management, collaboration, and reporting.

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All About Automation and Simplification

IT automation, also known as infrastructure automation, is the use of software to generate repeatable instructions and processes that replace or lessen manual interaction with IT systems.

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