Is your organization considering a move to public cloud? Are you trying to reduce operational expenses (OpEx) while still maintaining control over your compute workloads? Do you have concerns over certifications such as FedRAMP, common criteria, FIPS, etc.? August Schell can assist you with your cloud migration tasks and position you to take advantage of potential cost savings, deliver better IT agility and enable your organization’s digital transformation.

What will August Schell do for you during your Cloud Migration Assessment?

Evaluate Current Environment

  • Consider Compute, Storage & Networking
  • Consider Virtualization Platform
  • Consider Power, Space & Cooling
  • Consider Existing Workloads
  • Consider Human Resources

Cloud Recommendation

  • Consider Cloud Cost Alternatives
  • Identify Public/Semi-Public Alternatives
  • Identify Hybrid Cloud Structure

Network Recommendation

  • Identify Networking Requirements
  • Identify Virtual Private Network Needs
  • Identify Load-Balancing Needs
  • Identify Firewall Needs
  • Identify Site-to-Site Connectivity Needs

Workload Recommendation

  • Identify Site-to-Site Connectivity Needs
  • Identify Workloads for Relocation
  • Identify Workloads for Reconstruction
  • Identify Workloads for Redevelopment

Additional Services

  • Workload Migration Services – Lift and Shift
  • Workload Reconstruction Services – Cloud compatibility
  • Cloud Identity Management Services
  • Cloud Native Platform Sales, Installation & Management
  • Cloud Native Software Development
  • VPC Design & Creation
  • Cloud Monitoring Services
  • Managed Cloud Services

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