Are you struggling to meet Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance regulations? Need to make improvements to enhance your compliance? Finding it hard to document compliance in a readily usable way? August Schell is here to help. We have engineers experienced with both RMF and it’s predecessor DIACAP who know the requirements and how to implement a solution for you.

The Background:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) alongside its partnering agencies released the Risk Management Framework (RMF) to serve as the common baseline for all federal agencies and their partners to use for identifying, remediating, and reporting Risk for all mission critical information systems. Want to dive in a little deeper? Read our write up on it.

What now?

RMF compliance is broken down into a six-step lifecycle process for information systems.

  • Step 1: Categorization of Information Systems
  • Step 2: Selection of Security Controls
  • Step 3: Implementation of Security Controls
  • Step 4: Assessment of Security Controls
  • Step 5: Authorization of Information Systems
  • Step 6: Monitoring of Security Controls (Continuous Monitoring and Reporting)
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